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About Chuloonawick Native Village
The Chuloonawick Tribe was established as a Federally recognized tribe of Alaska in 1994 by the late William H. Akers.  The tribe is considered a phantom village that serves over 100 members from various villages.  The original site for Chuloonawick is located between two established villages of Emmonak and Kotlik.  The Yupik meaning of Chuloonawick is "a place to salt fish".

Chuloonawick Tribe has an office located in the village of Emmonak, which is located 120 miles Northwest of Bethel, Alaska; and 490 air miles from Alaska's largest city, Anchorage.  

We, a group of Alaskan Natives, residents of the State of Alaska, and citizens of the United States having a common bond as residents and descendants of the aboriginal natives within Alaska. As descendants of aboriginal Natives with Alaska, in order to protect and promote the best interests of the members and those eligible for membership, especially those surrounding their health, safety, education, welfare, and customary rights and practices.